FTDI EZ Flex Adapter


This FTDI adapter was created to solve the problem of quickly switching between 3.3 and 5 volt projects. With this adapter, you can switch the VCC (output) and logic voltage simply by moving a jumper. Thats it, no fuss, no soldering, no waiting.

The FTDI EX Flex has a power LED to let you know that you have USB power, as well as bright, easy to see TX (red) and RX (green) LED’s. The standard pinout is used here: DTR, RXD, TXD, VCC, CTS, and GND. This is compatible with and standard board that accepts an FTDI adapter or cable, such as the RGBW controller or the One Square Inch of Goodness boards.

The FTDI EZ Flex comes with a USB mini connector and a 6 position female header.

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